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The Education Toolkit is based on international standards and best practices and act as a set of coherent and linked metadata packages for an ideal core EMIS. The packages also serve to underpin future software development for EMIS.

The toolkit includes national education dashboards focused on key CESA and SDG4 indicators, however a large part of the work is complemented by customized dashboards for stakeholders at district and school levels.

In the long-term we aim to support countries to move beyond annual school census data collection to support school level daily operations. This will widen the circle of stakeholders providing and using education data, such as school managers, district planners and community leaders.

Explore DHIS2 for Education on your own using our online demo database (login required): DHIS2 for Education Interactive Demo

DHIS2 is a fully customizable platform, that can be adapted to meet the needs of a variety of Education use cases, including:

  • Routine data collection, analysis and dissemination at central and district levels
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Planning, budgeting, learner enrollments vs. resource allocation
  • Teacher allocation and transfer 
  • Addressing issues of equity, inclusion and quality by tracking teachers and students at an individual level
  • Integration with existing / legacy systems and survey data such as MICS EAGLE
  • School-based health surveillance
  • Monitoring school feeding programmes

We are also working on the development of an Education Toolkit:

A set of out-of-the-box configuration packages for both school level aggregate data (census and surveys) and for tracking individual teacher and student data.

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Core features of DHIS2

DHIS2 is a web-based information management system used for routine data capture, processing, visualization and dissemination. The DHIS2 platform includes both collection and reporting of aggregated data and an individual records module, called DHIS2 Tracker, which can be configured to support the follow up of an individual (such as a student or teacher) through different school classes, terms and grades.

Web & mobile data entry

Capture and view individual and aggregate data on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones in both online and offline modes.

Analytics and dashboards

Use maps, charts, pivot tables and dashboards to explore and share your data, and drill down for more detailed analysis.

Flexible & Customizable

Fully customize your DHIS2 system to meet local needs and workflows, and enhance your system with custom apps and tools.


Integrate DHIS2 with other software systems so that you can use and analyze all of your education data in one place.

International community

DHIS2 continues to evolve and improve thanks to contributions from a global community of DHIS2 experts.

Offline support

Capture data in offline mode on web and mobile and it will automatically sync with the DHIS2 server when internet connection is restored.

DHIS2 is currently used by government authorities to support decentralized public health administration in more than 70 low and lower middle-income countries. Because DHIS2 for Education is built on the core DHIS2 platform, it allows for seamless integration with Tracker and DHIS2 Apps, and uses DHIS2 sharing features to allow controlled access to data and analytics at all levels of the education system. It also facilitates the development of national- and international-level programmes that use data from across sectors, such as linking school and national COVID-19 surveillance, by making it easy to combine education and health data in one report or custom dashboard. It allows for integration with existing education software platforms like StatEduc and can draw in data on teacher and examinations. In the long term, DHIS2 for Education aims to be a modern EMIS technology that taps into the vast amount of education data that are collected and lying dormant.