EMIS Master Programme kicks off in The Gambia

76% of countries across Africa do not having enough data to monitor education outcomes.

Recognizing the lack of education management information systems (EMIS) academic programmes and the importance of capacity building on data, a tripartite agreement was signed by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education the Gambia, The University of the Gambia and UiO to design a demand-driven Master in EMIS. The aim is to improve data management, utilization, and information systems strengthening through local ownership of global tools, standards and procedures.

The programme is currently being piloted in The Gambia, with an aim to expand regionally.

communiqué developed during the 2023 Entebbe DHIS2 for Education Conference and Academy, underscored the critical role of continental institutions like the African Union Commission and its partners in facilitating the implementation of this Master program and establishing the University of the Gambia as a Centre of excellence for EMIS for the continent.

Together the work aims to:

  • Build institutional support to sustain the EMIS master’s degree.
  • Build and enhance local capacity to drive the programme.
  • Ensure the curriculum is applied, fieldwork-driven, and regionally relevant and ensure the MSc in EMIS is not terminal, by creating opportunities for career progression.
2024 being the African Union’s Year of Education, is an important turning point to promote evidence-based decision-making inn policy, planning and monitoring and assessment.