The Gambia

The Gambia is undergoing an EMIS shift increasing visibility on equity, inclusion and quality education and social services. This entails closing the data gap to ensure EMIS is able to focus on individual learners. A national student registration exercise launched an individual student identification number, marking the start of longitudinal tracking of students.

Since 2009, the Ministry of Health has used DHIS2 as a national health management information system. In 2019, with support from Norad and GPE KIX, The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education began customizing DHIS2 for EMIS. Implementation began with a central approach, and has gradually expanded to include regional and community levels, enabling a wider range of stakeholders entering, visualizing and analyzing EMIS data.

A user-friendly SMS-based attendance app, digital School Report Cards and interactive dashboards are supporting engagement with EMIS data at regional, school and community levels.

For more information contact: Dr. Edem Kossi, HISP West Central Africa

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